Gates Foundation (education) grants since 1998

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ACT, Inc (Amount: $300,000)

Description: To explore the impact of various teacher-level characteristics on student achievement

Advance Illinois NFP (Amount: $1,800,000)

Description: To promote policies to create a world-class education system in Illinois

Alliance for Education (Amount: $6,929,430)

Description: To support the college-ready curriculum, assessments, data and advocacy elements of Seattle Public Schools' strategic plan

Alliance for Education (Amount: $309,554)

Description: To bring targeted support to Seattle's highest need public schools

American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences (Amount: $325,000)

Description: To commission papers and convene a working conference to document the educational reforms in NYC under the leadership of Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to inform future educational improvement efforts in the city

American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences (Amount: $150,000)

Description: To support a collaborative exchange between key districts in CA around strategies to improve instruction and outcomes for CA's growing English language learner population

American Youth Work Center (Amount: $750,000)

Description: To provide in-depth journalistic coverage of the efforts to expand post-secondary credentialing and employment and training activities for America's youth

Asia Society (Amount: $7,750,417)

Description: To expand the International Studies Schools Network schools planned for NY, CA, TX, WA, NC and Washington DC

Aspen Institute Inc (Amount: $300,000)

Description: To support the National Educational Excellence Summit

Aspire Public Schools (Amount: $2,899,727)

Description: To fully implement an early college high school instructional program through creation of an integrated data system, development of course-specific teacher supports, and organization of additional student supports

Big Picture Company (Amount: $4,079,157)

Description: To strengthen peer-to-peer service structure, data collection and usage capabilities, and performance management systems; to support research on innovation

Brown University (Amount: $78,200)

Description: For conference support

Business Higher Education Forum (Amount: $910,000)

Description: To build capacity to support the development of a national STEM network and development of new data collection and analytical tools

Center for Law and Social Policy (Amount: $400,000)

Description: To establish the Center on Postsecondary and Economic Success and provide technical assistance to help post-secondary education state policy grantees

College Success Foundation (Amount: $1,053,150)

Description: To recruit low income 7th-9th grade students in WA State who qualify for the College Bound Scholarship program and influence those students' course taking patterns in preparation for college

College Summit Inc (Amount: $3,500,000)

Description: To build College Summit's Whole School Program to equip high schools to build college-ready culture from 9th to 12th grade

College Summit Inc (Amount: $1,300,000)

Description: To expand College Summit's 12th Grade Program to additional high schools in their existing program geographies and to explore College Summit's readiness to expand into several new geographies

College for All Texans Foundation: Closing the Gaps (Amount: $1,221,800)

Description: To fund strategic planning and research support aimed at improving of P-20 data infrastructure and data use among policy makers and practitioners

Communities Foundation of Texas (Amount: $2,901,632)

Description: To partner with the Big 8 Superintendents to advance the design and development of a comprehensive statewide P-16 data system that meets both policy/accountability needs and practice/end user needs

Communities Foundation of Texas (Amount: $2,046,674)

Description: To support a strategic planning process that will refine the mission, vision, values and operational needs of the Texas High School Project in its next stage of development

Corps Network (Amount: $750,000)

Description: To support development of a business plan and to support the Civic Justice Corps

DC VOICE (Amount: $200,000)

Description: To support a comprehensive effort to use advocacy and communication to promote and support sustainable education improvements

Dallas Independent School District (Amount: $3,774,912)

Description: To support the design and roll-out of data systems to improve teaching and learning and build district capacity to use data as a tool to improve teaching, learning and college readiness

Demos: A Network for Ideas & Action (Amount: $600,000)

Description: To help build commitment for college completion by producing credible and powerful research, establishing strong networks of advocates, and employing sophisticated media and communications strategies

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (Amount: $2,000,000)

Description: To develop a demonstration project that deepens the link between community revitalization and education reform in specific neighborhoods across New York City (Amount: $4,114,700)

Description: To implement a 'Double Your Impact' opportunity for the general public, offering to fund 50% of classroom projects on that come from high-need and rural public high schools

E3 Alliance (Amount: $144,917)

Description: To support systemic regional education reform based on innovative community engagement and improved use of data-based decision making

EdVisions Inc (Amount: $1,118,424)

Description: To create a self-sustaining high school reform business through capacity building and organizational development

Educational Broadcasting Corp (Amount: $506,504)

Description: To support a national broadcast, designed to be a catalyst for serious discussion about the future of America's schools, supported by a robust, interactive Web site and outreach events around the country

Envision Education Inc (Amount: $300,000)

Description: To fund a study to follow Envision Schools' seniors into their post-secondary education to determine how well prepared they are for the rigor of their college-level work

Fund for Educational Excellence (Amount: $1,229,730)

Description: To initiate and ensure the on-going success of multiple strands of district reform initiatives in Baltimore City to increase college ready graduation rates

Fund for the City of New York, Inc. (Amount: $513,219)

Description: To support a fellowship and seminar program to inform and engage NYC immigrant, ethnic, and community press in public education reporting

Gateway to College National Network (Amount: $499,398)

Description: For capacity building

Georgetown University (Amount: $2,976,601)

Description: To support a project aligning education and training systems with career requirements to increase opportunity for low and moderate income youth

GreatSchools, Inc. (Amount: $6,550,516)

Description: To provide parents with easy to understand data and advice to help improve their child's ability to reach high standards

Harvard University (Amount: $550,000)

Description: To establish an innovative interdisciplinary doctoral program to prepare people for top leadership positions in American K-12 education

Harvard University (Amount: $90,000)

Description: To support a two day event that will focus on the practical challenges of raising achievement levels and narrowing gaps in school districts and solutions to those challenges distilled from research and practice

Harvard University (Amount: $60,614)

Description: To prepare and disseminate a User's Guide to PAR (Peer Assistance and Review), designed to be of practical use to policymakers, school officials, and union leaders

Harvard University (Amount: $1,961,932)

Description: To fund a four-year quantitative research grant to conduct a series of studies focused on how institutional practices and polices impact college enrollment and completion. Harvard University will use state and university administrative datasets from 5 states to examine three main objectives: (1) understand the underserved students in postsecondary schooling systems; (2) unearth the barriers that students face in accessing and succeeding in higher education; and (3) highlight the possible solutions and policy implications to improve collegiate outcomes. The project will produce a series of outputs, including journal articles, and less-technical pieces that target policy and practitioner audiences to build evidence of effective tools and practices and to fuel advocacy efforts to build awareness and engage partners in this work.

Higher Education Policy Institute (Amount: $5,384,226)

Description: To support new and on-going work of major higher education research and policy organization

IB Fund US Inc (Amount: $450,000)

Description: To support business planning to help investigate and devise solutions to increase access to and success with the IB Diploma Program for low-income students of color in the United States

Idea Public Schools (Amount: $3,498,875)

Description: To expand IDEA Public Schools in the Rio Grande Valley

Illinois State Board of Education (Amount: $225,000)

Description: To align the Illinois K-12 learning standards and assessments to college and work readiness standards

Impact Strategies, Inc. (Amount: $1,200,000)

Description: To support efforts to affirm the importance of post-secondary credentials for low-income and disconnected youth transitioning to adulthood across the multiple networks and learning communities

Innosight Institute Inc (Amount: $588,559)

Description: To establish Innosight Institute's Education Practice and share the organization's ideas with K-12 education policymakers and practitioners

Institute for Women's Policy Research (Amount: $187,475)

Description: To conduct a policy review and best practices analysis addressing obstacles to and opportunities for engagement in postsecondary education by low-income, young-adult, single parents

Jobs for America's Graduates, Inc. (Amount: $50,000)

Description: For conference support

Jobs for the Future Inc. (Amount: $3,690,595)

Description: To support capacity and accelerate scaling-up of postsecondary on-ramps and supports; and to deepen the knowledge and evidence base emerging from the Breaking Through initiative

KnowledgeWorks Foundation (Amount: $490,021)

Description: To help build upon existing work in the urban core of Cincinnati to implement community engagement and communications work in Cincinnati Public Schools

Learning Point Associates (Amount: $879,868)

Description: To support research comparing for-profits and public two-year colleges on long-term labor market outcomes as well as specific program structuring and job placement practices

Library of Congress (Amount: $61,854)

Description: To host a meeting to examine K-12 education reform in the U.S., highlighting the importance of education as a focus for 2008 and beyond

MCNC (Amount: $475,000)

Description: For general operational support

MDC, Inc. (Amount: $16,700,000)

Description: To build on the existing infastructure of Achieving the Dream, to launch large scale tests at both the institutional and state level to improve community college developmental education student success rates

MDRC (Amount: $13,250,000)

Description: To support evaluations of three interventions that break the intergenerational transmission of poverty: Performance-Based Scholarships, Learning Communities and National Guard Youth Challenge

National Alliance For Public Charter Schools (Amount: $2,605,527)

Description: To build charter school 'industry' infrastructure including state organizations, human capital assessment (leadership and diversity)

National Council of La Raza (Amount: $600,000)

Description: To support capacity building in order to establish quality norms, formalize standard support systems, and define expectations for schools

National Student Clearinghouse (Amount: $792,216)

Description: To enhance the Nation's ability to track students from secondary education to post-secondary education and provide reports on the college access, retention, and completion of students at the local, district, state, and national level

National Youth Employment Coalition, Inc. (Amount: $5,664,306)

Description: To build the capacity of pilot sites to support formerly disconnected youth/young adults to attain a post-secondary credential

New Leaders Inc (Amount: $6,080,340)

Description: To build the pipeline of outstanding secondary school principals, and support secondary principals and their schools through the implementation of a secondary reform strategy

New Schools Fund dba NewSchools Venture Fund (Amount: $3,999,127)

Description: To develop instructional improvement platforms, formative assessment content, instructional resources and professional development

New Schools Fund dba NewSchools Venture Fund (Amount: $1,752,700)

Description: To manage and oversee the national CMO study, a major longitudinal research initiative

New Schools Fund dba NewSchools Venture Fund (Amount: $4,000,000)

Description: To support the DC Schools Fund, which will increase the number of high performing public schools, broaden effective support organizations, and build a constituency for reform in Washington, DC

New Technology Foundation (Amount: $496,776)

Description: To further support the development of the North Carolina New Technology High School network to sustain current progress and significantly improve college-ready graduation rates for low income and minority students

New York University (Amount: $2,999,960)

Description: To support The Research Alliance, which will provide internal and external researchers targeted research and data to support informed, data-driven decision making regarding how to educate students

Newark Charter School Fund, Inc. (Amount: $3,595,070)

Description: To invest in charter school development in Newark, New Jersey

North Carolina New Schools Project, Inc. (Amount: $1,612,877)

Description: To provide quality information to schools based on Cambridge School Quality Reviews, build capacity through an executive coaching process and align work of instructional coaches to SQR data

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Amount: $75,000)

Description: For conference support to help Washington high schools meet the challenges of the state graduation requirements for the class of 2008

Ohio Business Alliance for Higher Education and the Economy (Amount: $500,000)

Description: For general operational support

Ohio Department of Education (Amount: $1,175,000)

Description: To support a project that will focus on key areas of the systemic education reform recommended by the 2006 policy study entitled Creating a World-Class Education System in Ohio conducted by Achieve, Inc

Ohio Grantmakers Forum (Amount: $105,000)

Description: To advance education advocacy efforts in the state of Ohio

Ounce of Prevention Fund (Amount: $305,719)

Description: To support a research project

Pacific Institute For Community Organizations (Amount: $1,600,000)

Description: To support a statewide effort to increase college ready graduation rates and to increase local and state capacity to use data to improve outcomes for all students

Partnership For Los Angeles Schools (Amount: $1,200,000)

Description: To strengthen the performance culture of the Partnerships' schools through use of data to improve students' transitions into high school and college-ready conditions

Princeton University (Amount: $1,099,487)

Description: To support research and test whether the incentive built into the scholarships induces students to exert more effort in their studies

Princeton University (Amount: $892,121)

Description: To support the production, dissemination, and outreach activities for four volumes of The Future of Children focused on disadvantaged young adults

Proforum d/b/a National Superintendents Roundtable (Amount: $30,000)

Description: To support a conference for school superintendents from across the nation titled 'School Leadership and the American Future'

Project GRAD (Amount: $2,025,892)

Description: To launch and pilot Project Grad's National College Readiness Initiative targeting low-income students in Atlanta Public Schools with a specific focus on 8th and 9th grade transition model development

Public Agenda (Amount: $584,954)

Description: To support a project examining the reasons why young adults do not pursue postsecondary education

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Amount: $231,382)

Description: To convene a series of Progressive Dialogues with major stakeholders in New York State to discuss ways to improve K-12 STEM education

Schott Foundation For Public Education (Amount: $750,000)

Description: To establish the Black Male Donor Collaborative to reduce the academic achievement gap of black males in New York City through support of program, research and policies interventions

SeaChange Capital Partners, Inc. (Amount: $4,000,000)

Description: To help build organizational capacity and for 'catalyst' funds to help accelerate the ramp-up to philanthropic capital-raising and grant-making

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (Amount: $500,000)

Description: To increase student awareness of global health issues and inspire them to enter global health fields

Seattle Foundation (Amount: $1,181,375)

Description: To support the Philanthropic Partnership for Public Education (Seattle Public Schools)

Street Schools Network (Amount: $742,223)

Description: To implement data collection systems and stronger college and career readiness/transition plans and practices across the NASS network in support of improved student outcomes and systems for sustainability

Target Area Development Corporation (Amount: $725,000)

Description: To prepare parents and students to be advocates for quality school reform in Illinois

Teach for America, Inc. (Amount: $1,465,000)

Description: To prepare to validate Teach For America's Teaching As Leadership rubric

Team Pennsylvania Foundation (Amount: $150,000)

Description: To host the 2008 NGA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Texas Public Education Reform Foundation (Amount: $75,000)

Description: To support two major conferences of statewide interest and importance: The 2009 Statewide Education Summit and the 2008 Legislative Briefing

Texas Valley Communities Foundation (Amount: $546,864)

Description: To lay the advocacy groundwork for college readiness by creating a structure that informs and engages the community, builds a strong base of diverse supporters, and regrants funds to local grassroots organizations

The Washington State Board of Education (Amount: $850,000)

Description: To provide education policymakers with well researched policy options for revising the state's high school graduation requirements and developing a statewide system of accountability for K-12

Third Sector New England, Inc. (Amount: $3,179,363)

Description: To allow Diploma Plus, an alternative high school model, to expand and deepen the impact of its networks of schools through intensified focus on student achievement, use of data to improve practice, and development of organizational capacity

Twenty First Century Foundation (Amount: $302,425)

Description: To create a documentary film featuring prominent black men who are asked what it takes to bring your 'A' game, pursue academic excellence, and improve graduation rates

University of California - Berkeley (Amount: $437,807)

Description: To provide support for Alignment Institute work under the American Diploma Project in California

University of California, Los Angeles (Amount: $498,724)

Description: To support a long term plan for a comprehensive evaluation of Green Dot's Locke High School Transformation project in Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles (Amount: $920,000)

Description: To help English learner students by increasing their English language and content achievement and by building teacher capacity through an effective curriculum/PD module

University of California, Los Angeles (Amount: $6,853,578)

Description: To conduct a research project focusing on low-income young adults' relationships with the postsecondary field

University of California, Los Angeles (Amount: $920,000)

Description: To help English learner students by increasing their English language and content achievement and by building teacher capacity through an effective curriculum/PD module

University of Chicago (Amount: $3,000,000)

Description: To support the the capacity building of the Consortium on Chicago School Research

University of Chicago - Urban Education Institute (Amount: $1,894,228)

Description: To develop a social support network and advisory curriculum for supporting students with high school, college, and career planning

University of Washington (Amount: $15,461)

Description: To provide a seminar for the Washington Association of Colleges of Teacher Education to provide training on assessment tools for measuring teacher quality to inform the development of a statewide system

University of Wisconsin (Amount: $1,000,000)

Description: To launch a taskforce and network of leading edge practitioners to redesign human capital management systems for the teachers, principals, and other leaders in the largest public school districts in the United States

Urban Teacher Residency United Inc (Amount: $328,000)

Description: To support the first year of the Residency for Residencies Program, a 2-year cohort-based program that provides urban cities and districts with guidance, feedback, and critical partnerships at all stages of program

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (Amount: $212,150)

Description: To convene a meeting of state leaders to assist them in constructing longitudinal data systems that link education and workforce data for better public policy development and analysis

Workforce Strategy Center (Amount: $208,900)

Description: To research effective employer engagement models throughout the US, with an emphasis on those efforts targeted at low income young adults, and to produce a report that includes an employer engagement typology based on this research

YouthBuild USA, Inc. (Amount: $7,298,763)

Description: To support a small cohort of programs to test and institutionalize a comprehensive set of interventions that will ensure high rates of post-secondary credentialing, enrollment and attainment among low-income youth who have dropped out of school